Struggling with Fear

Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, are you there?  I’m feeling bereft of spirit and god.  Can you help me?

Dear Jenny, we love you very much.  We are all around you although we know you can’t feel our presence.  We want to reassure you that you are totally, eternally, safe.  Nothing that you do can separate you from the love of god.  Remember the words that Eben Alexander brought back from “Heaven” —  

“You are loved and cherished, dearly, forever”
“You have nothing to fear”
“There is nothing you can do wrong”

Dear Guides & Guardians, I feel safe in my house, there is nothing here that is threatening me, but I’m still scared.  I realize that I feel like I’m living in a civilization that is unsustainable, that is about to collapse.  That’s what I’m afraid of.  I can’t imagine how I would survive.

Dear Jenny, we know that it looks scary, and it is quite true that Western culture is in a total mess.  Nevertheless, there are many beings, visible and invisible, who are working to build sustainable communities.  You are in a better position to survive than those in the cities.  It is not your job to create sustainable community.  It is your job to keep teaching dances and creating celebrations, and doing your healing work.  And when you die you will go straight to that place of enormous love.  There is nothing to fear, and nothing you can do wrong.  We love you!

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