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(Written in January 2009) Woke in fear, took 50 Seroquel, later took .5 Ativan.  So now I’m sleepy.  And nothing to say.  Nothing to hold on to any more either — I’m totally bereft of resources — I didn’t even … Continue reading

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Bad Night

(Written in January 2009) A bad night.  Yesterday was pretty horrible.  Long stretches of no meaning, waves of discouragement and despair.  I keep bringing my mind to the present moment, or to a prayer or affirmation.  It takes everything I’ve … Continue reading

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(Written in January 2009) Karen was very helpful.  I was stuck in that awful place of: I try something, look to see if it’s working, and if not I conclude I can’t do it.  That old old pattern.  Karen kept … Continue reading

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Bipolar 2

At the end of 2008 my psychiatrist said she thought I was “bipolar 2”.  Kayla looked it up on the web and said it was repeated depressions without the manic part of the cycle.  It totally freaked me out. (Written … Continue reading

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(Written in January 2009) I feel like my courage and strength have been broken by this last ordeal, that I have been unable to bear the magnitude of the pain entrusted to me.  I think well there are lots of … Continue reading

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After the women’s retreat I decided to do some therapy with Phyllis because I could trust her. It was in a therapy session with Phyllis that I had a very odd experience.  I just checked my journal for 1976 and … Continue reading

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“feel good about myself”

In April of 1976 I went to a women’s weekend retreat. It was very illuminating for me.  Afterward I did a number of therapy sessions with Phyllis. This is what I wrote in 1976: the core of the weekend for … Continue reading

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Good for me!

It took me a long time to be able to appreciate the things I actually accomplished.  When I took the DMA course in creating what I wanted in my life, one of the exercises was the 10 successes of the … Continue reading

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Somatic Experiencing – Hard Work

(Written in December 2008) Work with Caryn was very hard.  I kept having waves of complete discouragement and hopelessness.  I was reminded of that step in my pattern where I conclude “I can’t do this” when one step in a … Continue reading

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(Written in December 2008) Dear Guides & Guardian Spirits, I woke at 3 and didn’t sleep again.  I’m exhausted and depressed and scared.  Please help me. Dear Jenny, we love you very much.  We know it’s hard for you to … Continue reading

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