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Memorial Day

A friend told me she had seen a very young man in a soldier’s uniform outside the bank, with an older woman who was probably his mother.  It made her very sad, even though the mother might have been proud … Continue reading

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Voice from the Past

In 1995, I had a conversation in which I found out that I was wanting to publish a book because “it would prove that I deserved to live, even though my parents were disappointed in me.” I was so horrified … Continue reading

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Sadness & Guidance

(Written in February 2010) Yesterday was tough.  I was alone.  The sadness I was feeling is an odd painful sadness — maybe it carries a sense of “forever” like depression does.  It feels like the baby’s sadness — although knowing … Continue reading

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Moon Shell Home

I made this collage at a Sufi Retreat in an exercise called “Soul Collage”.  I was very pleased with it.  The name comes from two passages in The Feminine of History is Mystery. full moon in cancer we decorated the … Continue reading

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(Written in July 2009) Dear Guides & Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling so sad.  Can you help me? Dear Jenny, it is appropriate to be sad.  Though you have done a lot of good with the difficult hand you were dealt, … Continue reading

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Somatic Experiencing

(Written in May 2009) Caryn got out a huge beanbag for me to sit in.  She wanted me to be in a position where my body was open and my head supported — a little different from my usual position … Continue reading

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Sacred Space for Healing

Bruce Levine, Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic “Western Medicine does not mock sacred spaces, but it doesn’t truly appreciate them.  It doesn’t acknowledge how important it is to create an event and space outside of the ordinary. .. When a culture … Continue reading

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Healing Emotional Wounds

From Bruce Levine, Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic “Emotional wounds heal naturally when we are not in a state of defensiveness, and healing conditions encourage this necessary openness.  These conditions are, in great part, created by kindness, gentleness, and love.  Kindness … Continue reading

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Astonished Relief

Talked with David, my stockbroker, whose specialty is socially responsible investments.  He said when things are doing a little better, he’d like to get me invested in new start-up companies that are geared for sustainability.  I like the idea.  Talking … Continue reading

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What if it’s Armageddon?

This is one of my favorite quotes.  It keeps me going when things are very dark. “I’m asked, night after night, ‘Is this the New Age, or is it the Armageddon?’ And I say, ‘I used to think I should … Continue reading

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