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Endure without Relief

Grey again and another dusting of snow.  It feels like it has been like this for weeks. Woke up feeling very lonely.  Tried without success to feel love for people I know I love.  So instead of avoiding I have … Continue reading

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I Have No Idea Who I Am

Written on Thursday December 8 Feeling bleak and alone again.  My sense of a vast compassion holding the world is gone.  O gosh nothing means anything.  I’m back to why bother. Christia wanted to watch a video of Gangaji talking … Continue reading

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Attachment Wound

Ache in my heart.  Ache in my whole torso.  Empty.  Without meaning.  I think “It doesn’t have to be this way.”  I remember being at Kindred Spirits and feeling OK. Erica called this “the attachment wound,” this being alone, without meaning, … Continue reading

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