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New Dog?

I am thinking about getting a rescue dog.  He was in a situation where the owner had more dogs than they could care for.  He probably wasn’t let out of his crate very often.  He isn’t house trained and is … Continue reading

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“I was in trouble and nobody noticed”

Last month I had a bad headache and Lynelle asked me what I was feeling.  I said “Nothing” so she asked what the baby was feeling.  I tuned in and got the words “angry” and “stuck.”  Later I asked the … Continue reading

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The Descent into Hell

This piece is from a retreat I did with Deena on Martha’s Vineyard in September 1998.  Deena was using as a theme of the story of Psyche and Eros.  The descent into the Underworld is part of Psyche’s story.  I … Continue reading

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Left-Hand Writing

To explain “left-hand writing.”  It was after I’d learned in dream group about the major archetypes: sun and moon, right hand and left hand, linear & logical and intuitive & associative (also called “right-brain”) …  I don’t like to use … Continue reading

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Writing the Real Story

I’ve been rereading Writing for Your Life, and I wanted to find some things I had written, either inspired by the book or written in workshops with Deena.  I went looking for the material and have already posted some of … Continue reading

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5-Minute Autobiographies

I’ve been rereading Deena Metzger‘s book Writing for Your Life, and was reminded of all the writing I had done with her in two workshops at Rowe and two week-long retreats.  The 5-minute autobiography is one of her assignments.  These … Continue reading

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Muffy is a little stuffed dog I bought when missing Bella got to be too much for me.  He is a “transitional object,” like the “security blanket” a child uses when she is learning that she’s apart from her mother, an … Continue reading

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October Sadness

So sad yesterday.  Missing Bella, missing Erica if truth be told, and mourning for all the other wounds opened up.  October in the rain, tho it wasn’t raining, just grey. Met Lynelle in Hunger Mountain Co-op in Montpelier.  I’d picked … Continue reading

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More About Vocation

It amazes me that I can write something about my vocation in January and then lose it so fast.  I see that telling my story as though god had designed it ushered in the days of grace.  Never saw that … Continue reading

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The City That Ended Hunger

From the “Daily Good:” “The City That Ended Hunger” by Frances Moore Lappé A quote: Behind this dramatic, life-saving change is what Adriana calls a “new social mentality”—the realization that “everyone in our city benefits if all of us have … Continue reading

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