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Selective Amnesia

At the end of our recent therapy session Erica said that the episode with Damien was a healing experience.  She said why that was so, and I remember thinking I should write it down, but it seemed too complicated to … Continue reading

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Conversation with Jesus

My take on Jesus is that he is no more the “Son of God” than any of us, that we are all children of god.  It doesn’t matter to me whether the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection are true or … Continue reading

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Expendables and Empire

The Empire was characterized by an abysmal gulf separating the upper from the lower classes.  On one side of that great divide were the Wealthy, who made up 1% of the population but owned at least half of the wealth.  … Continue reading

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Not to Rescue, but to be Rescued

I feel crashed, utterly felled, fallen into a deep dark hole by the decision to send Damien back.  What’s most painful is seeing how I do have the skills to work with him and befriend him, what I don’t have … Continue reading

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Rescue Dog

I brought Damien home a week ago.  He mostly stays in his crate, but he does come out to eat, to drink, and to use his wee-wee pad.  (I’m very grateful that he always pees exactly in the middle.)  He’s … Continue reading

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