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Rally in Concord, New Hampshire

I went to the rally in Concord today.  Something like 139 organizations participated, from police and firefighters to people pushing disabled people in wheelchairs and numerous religious groups.  What I found most moving were the number of handmade signs on … Continue reading

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(Written in November 2008) Karen was very helpful.  I told her about all my contradictory feelings — even saw a kind of collage of torn & colored paper — joy about Obama, anger & sadness that I wake up with, … Continue reading

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(Written in November 2008) Thinking about Liv Whitelaw the Outlaw, in Elizabeth George’s Playing for the Ashes, and her anger and pain and her need to feel powerful and her self-destructiveness, and wondering if that arose in reaction to a … Continue reading

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I was talking to a friend about a workshop in “Soul Collage” and it reminded me of some collages I’d done a long time ago.  I found the book, I think these were done in 1991.  What’s amazing to me … Continue reading

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Painful Beliefs

(Written in November 2008) A couple of painful conversations with Eleanor.  She asked about staying here more and I wasn’t able to say it would be OK.  My dismay clearly showed on my face, and she called and left a … Continue reading

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Somatic Experiencing

(Written in October 2008) Session with Caryn: I told her about getting activated with the psychiatrist and then calming it with the image of geologic process.  Went thru several cycles of activation & discharge.  Noticed that my head stayed cool, … Continue reading

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Somatic Experiencing

(Written in September 2008) Work with Caryn was fascinating.  I started by crying, and then shaking, and then talking about my fears about Bella.  She said it was too much, to stop piling it on and connect with resources, with … Continue reading

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(Written in September 2008.  A longer version of this was posted 4/17/10) I’m doing pretty badly.  I keep having waves of fear — tho they do pass.   I talked to Dr. L & she said to raise the meds to … Continue reading

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Another Bad Night

(Written in September 2008) Another bad night.  Heat in my chest and elbows — I think I remember that one from ‘96.  I’m doing my best to accept whatever is going on, thinking of it as a shamanic illness. I … Continue reading

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Spring Equinox

Last night we celebrated Equinox at Neskaya.  Spring Equinox is when the days start to be longer than the nights, so we do a lot of sun dances.  This year, the Jewish festival of Purim came on the same day, … Continue reading

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