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Caught in Traumatized Baby

Written on January 14 I feel like a tiny useless lump.  I desperately need refuge.  I want to curl up and hide and I want some very loving being to put her arms around me and say “there there.” I … Continue reading

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Blood and Stone

This is a poem I wrote at the time of Journey Into Courage Blood & Stone “Blood welled up among the roots, on its way to the world of men, and in the dark it looked as hard as stone.  … Continue reading

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“Written in Blood”

About the time I started doing Journey Into Courage in 1990, I began to make a book out of excerpts from my journal.  I was inspired by reading in The Courage to Heal that people often cut themselves as a … Continue reading

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Grief and Regression

Erica recommended a book called “The Wild Edge of Sorrow” and it came today.  I found two paragraphs in it that described exactly the place where I’ve been stuck. “One of the most essential skills we need to develop in … Continue reading

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Grief and Grieving

This is a response to a blog post on Tim Lawrence’s “The Adversity Within.”  [Edit 2/26/20 — I went to this link and got something completely different.  Don’t know what happened.  I fear that he may have killed himself.]  He’s … Continue reading

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