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Moment of Reprieve

(Written in October 2008) I’ve been typing journal from late August when things were starting to get bad, and again it seems like somebody else’s experience.  I describe feeling the worst despair I’ve ever felt in my life, and I … Continue reading

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Jupiter Opposition

(Written in September 2008) A good night’s sleep.  Feeling considerably better, tho a little shaky & strange.  Brain not quite working right.  Wafts of very strange feelings to which I’m not going to pay much attention.  I’ll put my focus … Continue reading

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Good Day

(Written in September 2008) Woke OK this morning!  Took 2 buspar right away.  Feeling a very little sad and scared right now.  Yesterday afternoon & evening went pretty well.  I was able to cycle between reading, typing journal, playing solitaire, … Continue reading

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Helen’s Celebration

(Written in March 2008) We gave Helen a good send off last night.  More than 20 people.  Helen was an older woman who had danced with us for ten years.  She died a couple of weeks ago.  We got together … Continue reading

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Things Re-arranging Themselves

(Written in June 2008) Woke sad.  Raining hard.  Yesterday I was typing up from the week after Laura’s training, trying to describe the disconcerting feelings and being unable to.  Karen helped a lot by telling me it was because my … Continue reading

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(Written in June 2008) I was so tired yesterday that I spent the morning sitting on this couch — reading The Secret Life of Bees which I find so nourishing, and my last journal volume from Laura’s training.  I’d been … Continue reading

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Bleak Again

(Written in February 2006) Bleak again.  No warmth anywhere.  I feel desperately alone, yet I don’t want anybody to come for fear they would be disapproving and rejecting.  This is the cold of rejection.  This is outer darkness.  I’m outside … Continue reading

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(Written in February 2006) Woke early & couldn’t sleep again.  Feeling bleak.  Feeling cold.  Feeling like there is no love anywhere in the universe.  It’s all cold and dark.  I try to hold it gently, softly, to give it space … Continue reading

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Earth Day Dance

(April 22 2007) Last night’s dancing was in honor of Gaia — I built a centerpiece with Gaia, animals, plants, mosses, rocks, crystals, sea shells, and artificial flowers. People commented on how rich it was. We did “Healing Waters” and … Continue reading

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Huge Sadness

(Written in January 2006) Woke without fear, but sad.  Huge sadness — that life is sad and everywhere full of pain.  Interestingly I don’t feel despair — and I see that despair, hopelessness, is different from sadness.  I accept that … Continue reading

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