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Writings about Mother

I’ve been writing a lot, both on my own and with writing groups I’ve started.  I want to use some of them as blog posts. The first memory I have of my mother involves some tiny clear plastic animals.  I … Continue reading

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“Real Substantive Engagement”

Erica said something that turned out to be really important in our phone conversation on Friday.   There are things she says, and her wording is different and elegant, and I need to get her exact words, because if I … Continue reading

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Mother and Denial

I’ve been doing a lot of writings on specific subjects.  I’d like to start turning them into blog posts.  I’ve got quite a lot about my mother.  Still struggling with not being able to forgive her.  I’ve forgiven her for … Continue reading

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Rescuing Another Little Jenny

Woke up feeling utterly bleak.  Actually this is worse than bleak.  It feels like everyone has died and I’m left all alone.  It’s not really sad, sad is much easier to bear because it’s moving.  This is not moving, it’s … Continue reading

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