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Struggle to Understand

Little bits of the past come up, and it’s so painful.  I was remembering when Daddy dislocated his shoulder riding, and Granpappy’s palomino Rey del Oro and how I would call him “Ray Dell” in teenage fashion — or so … Continue reading

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Who am I Really?

Lots of people who know me through circle dance see me as enthusiastic, creative, competent, etc.  When I tell them how awful I feel about myself, they have trouble believing it.  This is painful for me, because it means that … Continue reading

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Words to Help me Keep on Keeping On

“If he could get to the end without having thrown in his hand he would have kept his integrity.”  Paul, thinking of Charles, The Scent of Water, p273 From Mother Teresa: “People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered.  Forgive them anyway. … Continue reading

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Hope in the Dark

Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit I don’t know what turned me on to her.  I refused to order the book from Amazon, just a small protest.  They forced our wonderful local bookstore to close.  I ordered from Green Arcade … Continue reading

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Comfortable with Uncertainty

In summary:  Terror faded on Monday as I talked to Dr. Dean about the physiology of trauma.  Tuesday morning began terrified but I was able to shake and could feel it releasing.  Wednesday morning began terrified, but then I brought … Continue reading

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Week of Terror

I’ve just been through a week of terror.  Lots of possible triggers.  I haven’t had this bad a bout of terror for many years. Tuesday, June 28 I’m feeling terrified.  I was reading Deborah Crombie and felt scared while I … Continue reading

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Journal Work

I found this draft when I went to the dashboard to work on another post.  I suspect I didn’t post it because I ended up still feeling bad.  Reading it over again, I realized that the first time, in 2014, … Continue reading

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Writers for Recovery

I went to the second night of a ten-week workshop, called Writers for Recovery.  It had been put together by Bess O’Brien, who produced Journey Into Courage, and grew out of the documentary on addiction, The Hungry Heart, that she was … Continue reading

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