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Somatic Experiencing

(Written in February 2010) The session with Caryn was hard work.  I went to the corner and asked for a blanket and curled up, also holding the cushion in front of me.  I started crying and saying how I was … Continue reading

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(Written in August 2003) Dear Guides & Guardian Spirits, I’ve been sad a lot lately.  Probably partly let down after the summer’s activities, and partly another layer of mourning for the end of my marriage.  Please help me. Dear Jenny, … Continue reading

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Hopeless Pain

(Written in October 2003) O god I feel so hopeless at this moment.  I think if I could just lay down my head and die I might do it — but no, that’s not what I want.  What I want … Continue reading

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More from Bruce Levine

“Many self-help pundits preach that we all have choice.  This is essentially true, but for the unhealed it can be a damaging message.  At some level, they know they should have choice, but they don’t feel like they do.  This … Continue reading

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Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic

More quotes from Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic, by Bruce Levine. “It saddens me when unhappy people who have become so despondent that they consider suicide view themselves as weak or sick.  If death feels more attractive than life, it means … Continue reading

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The Practice of Self-love

(Written in February 2003) Yesterday I was thinking that I had this wonderful new technique for transforming my life, that my relationship with terror and despair is completely different.  Well, actually that’s still true.  Just because the misery doesn’t change … Continue reading

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(Written in February 2003) Dear Guides, can you help me out? Dear Jenny, we are so proud of you.  You did a splendid job of working with the pain on Sunday — you were courageous enough to face an enormous … Continue reading

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Struggle with Self-Hate

(Written in February 2003) OK.  My heart just aches with disappointment.  Can I be with my disappointment with mercy?  My heart softens.  O dear Little Jenny, you really weren’t able to look at house plans and see ways of working … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s post reminds me of the crisis I went through as we were building my house, when I realized that I hadn’t designed the house with environmental principles in mind.  I experienced a moment of intense fury and then a … Continue reading

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(Written in February 2004) Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, I need some help.  I need to feel connected to you.  I need to feel loved and approved of by someone whose judgement I trust and respect.  I need to know … Continue reading

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