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Appreciation, Enjoyment, and Gratitude

I have always done my best to be grateful, in opposition to my mother who managed to find something wrong with everything.  (See 4th of July Monologue)  She could also hold a grudge for many years.  I have done my … Continue reading

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Shame Attack about Self-care

After I posted the piece about my morning routine, I had a shame attack: “How can I complain when there are so many people who have much harder mornings…”  I was very upset at posting that material and was going … Continue reading

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Morning Routine

I’ve been wondering why it takes me so long to get started in the morning.  Last Sunday, when Victoria asked the choir to come 15 minutes early, I thought it’s hard enough to get there at the usual time of … Continue reading

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Bleak. Discouraged.

Monday, October 5 Bleak.  Very discouraged.  Got up to shit. To tired to make tea.  Went back to bed, but totally unable to think of anything that would make me feel better. Enjoying my life is not important.  Doing something … Continue reading

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