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Earth Day

Because Earth Day was on a Sunday this year, we were able to celebrate it in our regular dancing time of 6-8PM.  This year, as sometimes happens, I was inspired to create a very rich centerpiece with many parts.  Usually … Continue reading

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Rebuild the Dream

Rebuild the Dream, by Van Jones I picked up my copy at my friendly local bookstore (Village Bookstore in Littleton NH- may they live forever) yesterday, and read all the way through it.  The first part is painful, about the … Continue reading

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The Values of Belonging

I’ve been rereading Carol Lee Flinders’ book “Rebalancing the World: Why Women Belong and Men Compete and How to Restore the Ancient Equilibrium.” THE VALUES OF BELONGING There is a way of being in the world that recoils from aggressiveness, … Continue reading

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Thoughts about Truth

I’ve been sitting here puzzling over the nature of “truth.”  Someone who was at my presentation last night started talking about people living long ago being warlike.  I asked “How do you know?” and he couldn’t really tell me.  I … Continue reading

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Knocknarae is a mountain on the west coast of Ireland.  Its name means Hill of the Ruler.  On top is the cairn of Maeve, Warrior Queen of Connaught, and she still means enough to the Irish people that they have … Continue reading

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(Written in September 2006) Dear Guides & Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling pretty discouraged. The whole political / environmental mess is so overwhelming, and it looks like all attempts to fight it — on many fronts — are unavailing because they … Continue reading

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(Written in September 2006) Opened a communication from NHPA (New Hampshire Peace Action) with the text of a full page ad that says in positive terms what I was trying to say a few pages ago — do you want … Continue reading

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Champion the Underdog

I’ve been wondering why posts on activism, and work like Elisabet Sahtouris’ is important to someone suffering from PTSD.  Kathy Weingarten wrote that children raised in a “good enough” environment grow up with three assumptions:  the Universe is Benevolent, Life … Continue reading

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Ocean of Compassion

“Ocean of Compassion” refers to an experience I had at Findhorn in the summer of 2001.  Earlier that year I had started reading Peter Levine’s book on the physiology of trauma: Waking the Tiger.  There are warnings all through the … Continue reading

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(Written in July 2004) Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling pretty miserable.  Sad and scared and blocked in several directions.  My heart aches.  There’s no place I feel safe.  I’ve tried to bring compassion to myself without success.  Please … Continue reading

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