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Transforming Grief

(Written in April 2009) Laura asked how we transform feelings by using the dance. It sounded like both Jan and Laura have a way of sending negative energy into the ground through their feet, Laura then invokes the energy of … Continue reading

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Angry at Myself

(Written in April 2009) Woke scared & sad. I really fell apart inside yesterday. I’m sure it’s because everybody’s leaving. We just had a wonderful weekend of training in Women’s Ritual Dances with Laura Shannon. I’m also feeling a lot … Continue reading

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(Written in February 2009) Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, I haven’t written for a long time because I’ve felt so cut off from Spirit. I don’t understand what’s happened to me, I don’t understand how life can be meaningful or … Continue reading

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Trying to Connect with God

(Written in March 2009) I’ve been reading God’s Joyful Surprise by Sue Monk Kidd, whose Secret Life of Bees I love. This one is a little difficult because her experience is so different from mine. She was clearly loved by … Continue reading

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Thankful for Good Friends

Sharon Salzberg tells a story of the Buddha and his disciple Ananda. Ananda asks “Tell me, Lord Buddha, is not half of the holy life having good friends?” Buddha replies “Not so, Ananda, the whole of the holy life is … Continue reading

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Journal Work

(Written in September 2010) What would it be like if I believed that I was a good person who was doing her best to do good in the world? I can feel an odd softening, almost tingling in my heart. … Continue reading

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More About “Story”

What’s the difference between a story that helps you move on in your life, and one that’s just digging you deeper into the hole? Often a story that blames someone else for your difficulties is one that keeps you stuck. … Continue reading

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Ritual of Letting Go

Yesterday I did the ritual of letting go at Neskaya. I have a lot of negative beliefs about myself that I had learned from how my parents had treated me: that I was a bad person, selfish, was always making … Continue reading

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Feeling Better

(Written in August 2008) I felt so much better yesterday! It’s so amazing — to be able to enjoy my ordinary life instead of feeling like it’s an unpleasant chore. There were times in the morning when I could feel … Continue reading

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Another Take on Stories

When Jesus Came to Harvard, by Harvey Cox “…religious stories … point beyond themselves to a crucial dimension of human existence that defies reduction to empirical proof or disproof. Religious stories are often woven into rituals that enlist not just … Continue reading

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