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Matt Licata on Trauma

I made a draft of this post back in December 2021.  I’m not sure why I didn’t post it then. Matt Licata can be found here. from Matt’s course on Tending to the Soul: “So, just to define trauma in … Continue reading

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What is Wanting to Find Expression Through You?

In the last few months I’ve been having a pretty hard time.  First was dealing with low thyroid, then I had a bad fall and my ribs are still hurting from that.  In fact, I’ve had a hard time since … Continue reading

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Guidance from 2006

This was written in October 2006 and posted in January 2011. It’s relevance to the present moment is absolutely astonishing. I also see truths that I didn’t believe at the time, especially the advice not to try to do activist … Continue reading

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Exercise: Being Brave

Pat Schneider says “Write something that feels too huge, or too dangerous, to tell.” p90 She gives a couple of examples, a short piece, a poem, where what’s really happening is revealed at the end. I thought I would try … Continue reading

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Writing Practice

Pat Schneider is a writing teacher.  She wrote a book called Writing Alone and With Others.  She gives a lot of exercises to get you through blocks and difficulties.  In one she says “start with an image.”  She describes a … Continue reading

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