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The Importance of Community

This is from G-Dog and the Homeboys, a book about Father Greg Boyle and his work with the gangs of East Los Angeles.  It’s written by Celeste Fremon. Greg says “I used to say that the caring adult who pays attention … Continue reading

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Ongoing Struggle

Went down to see Barbara.  She was depressed too.  We took the dogs for a walk.  We watched Bernie’s speech to Liberty University.  It was heartening. When I came home I got sucked into the parenting book.  Couldn’t stop reading, … Continue reading

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Parenting from the Inside Out

Started reading “Parenting from the Inside Out.”  It’s about interactions between parents and children, and that if the parents have unprocessed events in their lives, it will affect their ability to raise healthy kids.  They talk about how relationships are … Continue reading

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Reading “Necessary as Blood.”  Reading doesn’t seem to help, I still feel the cold weight in my chest. “… home to me was certainly never anything remotely material.  It consisted, I have decided, in something I sensed as refuge: an … Continue reading

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Lost in an Indifferent Universe

Woke up this morning feeling lost in  an indifferent universe.  There is no God or spirit or meaning here.  I’ve been reading The Shack over the last few days.  I’ve read it several times.  I don’t like the Christian correctness … Continue reading

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Beautiful Broken Things

I found this piece on my friend Eve’s altar.  It really spoke to me.  In California, before I understood what had happened to me, I called these breakings “Shipwreck.”  I did not see these times as times of recovery and … Continue reading

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Struggle to Find the Support I Need

From my journal for October 10 Had trouble going to sleep & woke early.  Lying there, counting my breaths, I had a momentary qualm “what is the point of my life?”  I realize I usually ask it intellectually, when it’s … Continue reading

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