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Positive Feedback

(Written in April 2008) Just now, talking to Nada, I told her her work with the most damaged people (mental hospital in the South Bronx) is helping to change the human energy field.  She said she loved talking to me.  … Continue reading

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More on Denial

One of the big problems with denial is you don’t know you’re in it.  If you are ready to see the truth, when someone says “drinking problem,” the light goes on immediately.  If you’re not ready, sometimes you don’t even … Continue reading

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Denial and Science

Denial is a common defense mechanism used to shield oneself from a painful truth.  If you are an alcoholic, and making your family miserable, you will deny that it’s drinking that’s the problem.  If you hurt your 3-year-old child, that … Continue reading

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Circle Dance Resource

In Somatic Experiencing, A “resource” is anything that gives you a sense of being more centered, relaxed, stronger, even just a little better than you already feel.  It’s a home place to return while you work with the activation of … Continue reading

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Psychological Patterns

When my husband and I were first married, we took a course called DMA.  It was about how to manifest the life you want.  It had been created by Robert Fritz, who also created (and still teaches) “Structural Consulting”. Dana … Continue reading

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Living with PTSD

(Written in February 2008) I notice that my urgency has faded for both the dance project and the letter to the editor.  Not that I don’t still care, but I’m more able to accept the reality of my lack of … Continue reading

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World of Diversity

(Written over 2003 – 2005) In the spring of 2003, I went to NEFFA, the New England Folk Festival that’s held in Natick High School in Natick, Mass.  I fell in love with a Peruvian tapestry.  It was about 12” … Continue reading

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(Written in April 2005) Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, my heart aches and I keep talking to David in my mind.  Please help me. Dear Jenny, you are doing just fine.  This is another layer of deep old grief.  You … Continue reading

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Global High Activation

(Written in February 2005) Weekend with my siblings.  I was not well, dehydrated, constipated, headache, slept badly.  I think I got radically overstimulated — too much talk, ideas, opinions, I thought at the time that I wasn’t overwhelmed because I … Continue reading

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Child in Despair

(Written in January 2007) Please help me.  I recite it over and over but don’t feel any answer.  I have been able to imagine a safe place: it’s a little room in a nunnery and a very kind old woman … Continue reading

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