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Primary Satisfactions and Secondary Satisfactions

I found this such a good explanation for how our culture produces so many addictions, including addiction to money.  One sign of “secondary satisfaction” is, no matter how much you get, you always want more. From Francis Weller: Through studying … Continue reading

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A Container for Initiation

Weller describes the container: What distinguishes these two things is initiation, what I call the contained encounter with death. The containment was provided by the community, by the elders, by the ancestors, by the rituals, by the space itself. In … Continue reading

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Immanent and Transcendent

From something I wrote in 1996, while I was going through the Summer from Hell: But the truth is, going over the whole thing in detail again again, writing down exactly what the fear feels like and then seeing how … Continue reading

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Expendables and Empire

This was first posted on December 16, 2014.  Thought it was worth reposting. The Empire was characterized by an abysmal gulf separating the upper from the lower classes.  On one side of that great divide were the Wealthy, who made … Continue reading

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Trauma vs. Initiation

Francis Weller, from a talk published in Kosmos Journal: In any true initiatory process, there’s three things that happen. First, there’s a severance from the world that you once knew. Then there’s a radical alteration in your sense of identity. … Continue reading

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“It’s not OK to be a baby”

The first draft for this post was done on December 28, 2020.  I think I must have got too sidetracked by the further lockdown and not talking to Erica over the holidays  to continue with it.  I see that it’s … Continue reading

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Younger Parts of Me

In my therapy session for January 15, one of the things that came up was that the only thing that would have made Mother happy would be to not be my true self.  Younger parts of me are bewildered by … Continue reading

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Guidance from 1993

I’ve been reading my journal from 1993 and found many entries that resonate with this moment in my life. Alas, at this moment I am having a very hard time. I think due to social distancing, I’ve been triggered back … Continue reading

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