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The “Colonial Dames Incident.”

Not quite sure when this happened.  I think the late 80’s because it was after my father had died.  I was down at the family summer house on the coast of Maine.  We were on the front porch, my mother, … Continue reading

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Noticing how badly I am doing — on Monday, struggling to deal with practical matters, I wrote this in my journal: Right now I’m feeling totally blank, like my brain is full of kapok. The angry phone messages from B … Continue reading

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Badly Triggered

I was badly triggered by all the news about Kavanaugh and the abuse that was being denied.  Saturday I talked to someone I have a business relationship with, and she told me something that involved a dear friend, something about … Continue reading

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Profoundly Discouraged

from my journal for Saturday, September 8 In my session with Erica we didn’t talk much — I didn’t have a lot to say.  I told her about the odd blank times — how sometimes it was a relief, and … Continue reading

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Wanting to Die

From my journal for Tuesday, July 31 Feeling pretty lost.  Still very tired.  Woke up OK, but then started thinking uncomfortable thoughts.  Thought about — of all things — that detox foot bath that will probably not find a good … Continue reading

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