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The Practice of Self-love

(Written in February 2003 and posted April 25, 2010) Yesterday I was thinking that I had this wonderful new technique for transforming my life, that my relationship with terror and despair is completely different.  Well, actually that’s still true.  Just … Continue reading

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Stunted Tree

I have just been to a retreat in Burlington.  Winter Wonder: A Circle of Trust Retreat.  It was quite wonderful and helped a lot with the emptiness and confusion I’ve been feeling.  “Circle of Trust” is based on the work … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Breakdown

I’ve been reading through my blog from the very beginning.  I am once again in the 12 year cycle, at a time when Jupiter in the sky is opposed Jupiter’s position when I was born.  Ever since 1972 I have … Continue reading

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Guidance from August 2008

(Written in August 2008 and originally posted on March 16, 2010) Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, it’s been a very stressful time, and I feel totally out of touch with Spirit.  Please help me. Dear Jenny, we love you.  Take … Continue reading

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