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Ups & Downs

Saturday Feeling pretty bummed out.  Understanding that part of this is being angry at myself for being depressed again, I try exploring it. Take a short step back and I see a person who is depressed so she can’t do … Continue reading

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Wisdom from Yitzhak Perlman

Last night was very hot so we did mostly slow dances.  Winds on the Tor, if danced slowly and not holding hands, is conducive to being cooler.  So we did something Laura Shannon called “Yitzhak’s Waltz.”   It was a … Continue reading

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The Core of Trauma

(Written in August 2011) I told Eleanor about how I’m feeling, waves of discouragement, everything I think of doing feels like an impossible chore, I just want to lie down and quit.  She said “This is the core of trauma.”  … Continue reading

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