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Dalai Lama on Optimism

Came across this quote today.  One worth memorizing. In the face of all the challenges we face today, is my optimism about the future of humanity idealistic? Perhaps it is. Is it unrealistic? Certainly not. To remain indifferent to the … Continue reading

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The Will of God

I’m SO TIRED. and feeling very empty — of meaning, of reason to go on.  Lynelle brought me the Cynthia Bourgeault CD’s on the “Wisdom Jesus.”  I remember listening to them driving down to Kripalu and back.  I really liked … Continue reading

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A Time Out

I desperately need a time-out from my life.  I wish I knew how to get one.  I read the Secret Life of Bees again recently, and found some paragraphs that were comforting. “I started thinking about the world loaded with … Continue reading

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Using Depression in Service to Spiritual Practice

I wrote in the post on Depression and the Dark Night that I had used my depression in the service of my spiritual practice.  I want to think what I meant by that.  At least in the beginning, Depression was … Continue reading

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OOPS! Apologies to the Gratitude Dance

I got the link wrong in the post for February 1.  Here it is again  Gratitude Dance! An opportunity to share the poem that’s used for the lyrics:  Stream Of Life The same stream of life that runs through my … Continue reading

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Imbolc is the Cross-Quarter Day that falls at the beginning of February.  In the Old Nature Religion it was called the “Quickening of the Year.”  Like many ancient holidays it has attracted to itself a number of more recent celebrations.  … Continue reading

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Need Cheering Up?

One thing I do, after I’ve called friends only to talk to their machines, is nourish my sense of humor with my favorite YouTube videos. There’s Paul Hawken’s speech to the Bioneers in 2006? was it? There’s Marianne Williamson on … Continue reading

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