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The Shamanic Realm

From my journal for September 1994: My life.  This is a time in my life when…  well, I’m in the transition zone again, with that sense of floundering, old ideals losing their value, old structures disintegrating, and the new ones … Continue reading

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Anger is Unmetabolized Grief

Just watched the Francis Weller video on grief.  He says that anger is unmetabolized grief.  I thought about the other day, when I realized that I was angry with my ex-husband for the coldness with which he treated me after … Continue reading

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“Souls are Like Athletes”

I’ve been struggling with the low thyroid for a long time.  It’s been slowly getting worse.  I had a fall, and my bowels stopped for quite a long time.  I thought it had to do with the fall, but now … Continue reading

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