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Relational Trauma

From Matt Licata’s blog: The tragedy of relational trauma presents itself as a cellular fragmenting, more primordial than a mere cognitive dissonance, neurally-encoded and rooted in the soul. In addition to the chronic empathic failure and narcissistic injury which goes … Continue reading

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Inner Teacher

I stopped writing to my “Guides and Guardian Spirits” to ask for help, because at one point they suggested making a loan to someone who wasn’t really trustworthy.  This is something I’m very vulnerable to because of my childhood training … Continue reading

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How I’m Feeling Today, written long ago…

from my journal for January 14, 1993 This describes exactly how I’m feeling today. written in writers’ group, listening to music Changes like the Moon.  20 minutes The river flowing, underneath, under the soil, down in the sand.  Massive, heavy, … Continue reading

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