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“Big Heart”

(Written in April 2009) With Karen I talked about having trouble taking in the love that’s there for me.  Karen said I was “lovable” and I cried and turned away.  She said I have a big heart.  I thought how … Continue reading

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Dear Guides & Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling a little down — very low energy.  There are things I’d like to do — make more jizos, paint, work on earth & fire, do a little gardening and I just don’t have … Continue reading

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(Written in March 2009) I’m pretty badly depressed.  It’s a little scary to be so depressed.  I remind myself that both Karen and Caryn are away, and that I had three good days last week. The session with B was … Continue reading

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“The First Home”

It’s been quite a while since I posted entries relating to the breakdown I experienced in the fall of 2008 and the winter of 2009.  You can catch up with these by clicking on the link for “breakdown.” (Written in … Continue reading

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Change Theme

I confess to being almost completely computer illiterate.  The first time I did a post for this blog, the theme was a very basic one, in a nice blue color.  After a few months I changed the color to a … Continue reading

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The Airplane Phobia

Actually it wasn’t a phobia about planes or flying, it was about noise.  Here in Franconia there is a small airport and in the summer they give glider rides.  The plane that tows the glider makes a louder, longer, more … Continue reading

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Cape Cod Dance Camp

The long break is because I went to a Dance Camp on Cape Cod, and I didn’t take my computer (!) I did take my journal but didn’t write much.  I really enjoyed the camp, good people, good dances, good … Continue reading

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Manifestation: Beginner’s Luck

Mentioning the trip with Cara reminded me when I manifested something I wanted without even knowing about the technique.  Later, when we took DMA, I understand why it worked so well.  It was the fall of 1976. I was living … Continue reading

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Good Stories

(Written in January 2010) I enjoyed my talk with Elizabeth.  I started out telling her how scared I’ve been and how exhausted.  I read her my list of affirmations, she said they sounded like Yankee values: hard working, thrifty, etc.  … Continue reading

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Action Plan

(Written in January 2010) With Caryn I worked on recognizing the slide into depression and counteracting it by finding a resource, any resource, some place that feels incrementally better.  We looked at the empty places in my schedule, talked about … Continue reading

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