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Working with “Stuck Heart”

from my journal for Friday, July 30 Woke at 5.  Intense heat.  Some fear, but mostly stuck heart.  Feeling desperately discouraged, unable to tune in or figure out what is going on with my heart.  Unable to get any compassion … Continue reading

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Need for Forgiveness

This morning I wrote a long piece about the constant stuck pain in my heart, and trying to figure out what it was.  It came to me that it might have been about this incident with Mother.  Reading it earlier … Continue reading

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Order — Disorder — Reorder

This is from Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation for today, July 25 Living in a transitional age such as ours is scary: things are falling apart, the future is unknowable, so much doesn’t cohere or make sense. We can’t seem to … Continue reading

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Blow by Blow Description of Work with “Parts”

This is an attempt to illustrate what my work with parts is like.  I wrote in my journal exactly what was going on, when it was happening. Sunday, July 18 I think if I can’t do anything else, maybe I … Continue reading

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Rescuing Young Parts

My therapist and I are working with Richard Schwartz’s ideas, developed over the last 20 years as Internal Family Systems.  Instead of being able to deal with parts who can talk individually, I get flooded by parts who are desperate … Continue reading

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My Indigenous Celtic Soul

Something I’ve been discovering lately, after reading The Gatherings, is that I in fact have an indigenous soul, and an indigenous spirituality.  I realized that the traditional folk dances are indigenous, they come from people who had lived for generations … Continue reading

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Dawnland and The Gatherings

Early in January, Hanover Friends Meeting hosted a talk by Bruce Duthu about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Maine.  The TRC was intended to uncover the truth about child-welfare practice with Maine’s Native people.  They wanted to create opportunities … Continue reading

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