Conversations with the Inner Teacher

From my journal for Saturday, April 15

Dear Inner Teacher, I’m feeling very odd, and have been making some “mistakes” tho I’m not getting upset about them.  I do seem to have let go of trying to do everything “right.”  Please help me understand what’s happening.

Dear Jenny, yes, you are right that a deep relaxation has happened.  You are able to be your real self.  It feels unfamiliar because for most of your life you have identified with the false self that your mother projected on to you.  Your understanding of the Jeshua material, that you are a Lightworker, and you don’t need to do anything more than let the energy radiate from you/through you to help the world you love.

Thank You.

Jeshua is channeled by Pamela Kribbe.  He defines “Lightworkers” in this way: “Lightworkers are souls who carry a strong inner desire to spread Light — knowledge, freedom and self-love — on earth.”

Sunday, April 16

I had just spent a day participating on Zoom in an event for Circle Dance teachers.  I wrote in my journal that I had the “odd feeling of being in two different worlds … the Circle Dance world and the Kendal retirement community world.”

Dear Inner Teacher, I’m actually feeling pretty good.  I had a deep moment of sadness, and I put my arms around it, and gradually started feeling better.  I did think “Maybe this is the end of my good time,” but I accepted that too.

Dear Jenny, you are really getting good at working with this stuff.  All of us who watch over you are delighted.  Your sense of being in two different worlds is because in the Circle Dance world your dance teacher persona takes over, and you are comfortable being her.  Back in Kendal, you are in the real you, which is a little strange because it’s unfamiliar.  You are doing very well at allowing the real you to just be.

Thank You.

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