Description of Me

Just for fun, here is the description I wrote for the residents biographies book:

I was born in Cincinnati OH, and earned a BA in Astronomy from Wellesley College. The year I graduated I read an article on Stonehenge, which described it as an astronomical computer, so on a post-graduation trip to the British Isles I visited Stonehenge and other megalithic sites. This switched my interest from new astronomical discoveries to archeoastronomy.

I’ve done planetarium work and also taught astronomy in a degree program for people who hadn’t gone to college. I covered Observational Astronomy from Stonehenge to Newton, stopping with Newton because without mathematics it’s not possible to understand relativity. I enjoyed teaching people the constellations and the seasonal changes.

After traveling in Europe and living in California for five years, I returned to New England where I feel most at home. In Brunswick ME, I started doing folk dance, which I love. When I moved to Franconia NH, in 1980, I brought a tape with my favorite dances and started teaching a small group. Then I discovered Sacred Circle Dance, which is rooted in traditional folk dance, with the understanding that these dances have a spiritual dimension.

I began a journal when I was 17 and have written every day for years, posting a blog since 2010. I’m hoping to find or start a writers’ group.

I’ve been in therapy most of my life. Both my parents were alcoholics but I didn’t realize how many of my struggles were caused by their dysfunctional behavior. In 1999 I found out that I was also traumatized in infancy, and I’ve been living with PTSD all my life. I continue to work on healing. I feel very much at home in the Recovery Community because they tell the truth, and will listen to the truth. Telling the truth is absolutely necessary if you are going to heal.

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