Soul Medicine

from my journal for Wednesday, December 9

The talk with Erica turned everything around again.  My energy was so much better for the rest of the day.  My life has not been a chore, but a battle.  A battle against malignant energies, against people who refuse to take responsibility for their own negativity, who don’t do their own work.

Then I got an email from Deena Metzger with a link to a blog piece about soul medicine which described the work I am doing.

From Deena’s blog:

A sacred illness is one that calls us to a transformational path that serves our lives and the lives of those around us, and, so, ultimately, the world. It means so much when physicians consider as part of the diagnosis, the possibility that the patient is suffering a sacred illness. It changes, deepens and ensouls the practice of medicine, transforming the medicine that one carries and who one is. When considered seriously, the patient and the physician partner on a journey toward vision, transformation, creating between themselves a culture that is good for the world.

Awhile back I saw that trauma could be a shamanic initiation.  It involves a confrontation with death and the possibility that you could lose.  I forget this most of the time, and resent that trauma kept me from “having a life.”

Healing is not necessarily restoring the original condition. It is not returning to paradise. Healing is helping to align the individual with the trajectory of the soul. Healing is the field of beauty through which the details of the larger purpose of an individual’s current life in relationship to his/her own history, ancestors, spirits, the present, the future, and global healing are revealed and enacted.

This is so hugely helpful.  “Healing is not restoring the original condition.”  Healing is something like putting the person into a bigger context in which the greater meaning of what is happening is revealed.  A Universe that can do that, is a miraculous amazing astonishing beautiful complex mysterious process.

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