The Wisdom of the Body

This quote came through on facebook and blew me away.  So totally validating of what I’ve learned from Somatic Experiencing.  I grew up with the idea that my body was no more than a vehicle to carry my brain around.  Dancing was important to me, but not so important that I built a life around it.  My struggles with depression and anxiety got me into therapy early, and I’ve pretty much been in therapy my whole life.  At first I was just trying to fix what I thought was a defective human.  The stages of my understanding of what really happened to me can be found on About Jenny.  Somatic Experiencing, a technique for healing trauma, is an extraordinary discipline of paying attention to my body, being willing to stay with extremely uncomfortable feelings, and gradually learning to respect my body and understand it as a source of wisdom.

This quote is from a book called Body of Wisdom, by Hilary Hart.  This particular piece was written by Larry Merculieff.

There are women who understand how ceremony works. They come with an intention. …The intention is set out at a cellular level of the body. The body knows. The heart knows at a cellular level. It’s an energetic expression that comes from every ounce of who we are. It comes from knowing, feeling, sensing – the inherent intelligence in the body all working and synthesizing at the same time. And the transformer that provides direction is the heart.

This is far more profound than most people realize. The women who know don’t just carry knowledge. They know that the most important aspect of the work is invisible. Knowing comes from a place of great mystery, that is vibrationally expressed through our bodies.

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