Break the Chain!

We celebrated One Billion Rising at Neskaya Thursday night. It was a triumph!  I had a great time.  Woke up this morning with good energy tingling in my body.  Still have a smile on my face.

This is my body, my body’s holy
No more excuses, no more abuses
We are mothers, we are teachers,
We are beautiful, beautiful creatures

We got more people than I expected, tho not a huge group.  We had 8 women and 3 men, counting the baby.  After a potluck supper, I turned on the projector which was connected to the computer, and brought up the YouTube version of the teaching video.  There was a mirror version which made it really easy to follow.  After I got started teaching April appeared with her 4-month-old baby Jacob.  She’d done it several times in St. Johnsbury, and Alan had called to tell her that we were doing it at Neskaya.  Her energy was great.  She took over the teaching.  We did it a couple of times, maybe even 3 times.  It felt great to really do it, with others, in a big space.

Dance cause I love
Dance cause I dream
Dance cause I’ve had enough
Dance! stop the screams
Dance! break the rules
Dance! stop the pain
Dance! turn it upside down
Its time to break the chain, oh yeah
Break the Chain, oh yeah
Break the Chain

It’s the next day.  I’m sitting here with dog and fire and savoring the feeling in my body.  I’d like to do that dance every day.

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