“World Order of Planet Savers”

Thursday, October 24

Talk with a friend who insists that we were better off now than in the past.  She talked about the great plagues, and serfs, and people being killed for sport.  I wanted to say that we were happier and healthier as hunter-gatherers, but I’m sure she assumes that that life was “nasty, brutish, and short.”  A frequently repeated quote from Thomas Hobbes, who believed that the “nature of man” was to be selfish and greedy.  So I didn’t see any sense in trying to argue.  But just now I was thinking — tribes were good in some ways, but they set up “us” and “them.”  There was no way to come to a global mind.  So we tried (collectively) by creating empires, thinking that if we made people conform to our ideal it would work, but it only worked for the top 1%.    Empires were unsustainable  and collapsed one after another.  But now, we have practically a global empire, which looks like it’s going to self-destruct, and perhaps, if we haven’t killed the planet, a truly global civilization will emerge/evolve out of the fragments.  Truly egalitarian, truly co-operative.  I see the empire stage as a “statistically necessary evil” on the way to higher level organization.  

That link actually goes to a post where I explain it more completely.  The quote comes from Teilhard de Chardin: “Evil is the statistical necessity of disorders within a multitude in the process of organization.”   I go on to say: “Maybe it’s that when a bunch of units are attempting to self-organize into a larger entity, some of those units will try to hold on to an old way of wholeness, which is wholeness by sameness, and a step backward. “Self-organization” is a process of combining differentiated units into a higher-order wholeness.”

3rd cup.  Today both Aviva Gold and Richard Rohr emailed about being “who God designed you to be,” being “true self,” living from the Source.  I think of painting the Red Woman, and my sense of being her servant, and now I’ve got it that my work on the human energy field is my contribution to healing the planet, and I couldn’t have done it without having been traumatized.  I couldn’t have done it without being born to wealth, and possibly without being treated as an unpaid servant. or maybe I saw, from looking at my parents’ lives, that I didn’t want to live a wealthy upperclass style of life.  Without Aunt Polly giving me “My Private Life” I might not have begun a journal. Aunt Polly was someone I didn’t like very much, and the book was a 5 year diary for teenagers, with sections about boyfriends, and other topics.  Some topics I completed, some I ignored, some I made fun of.  Certainly without the intense heartbreak when a boy I thought liked me fell in love with my best friend instead, I might not have started a journal.  I see how people I didn’t like, and situations I didn’t want contributed to my initiation into the World Order of Planet Servers.  Or was it Planet Savers?  That dream was from our “honeymoon” in Texas.  

I named the dream “Initiation into World Order of Planet Savers.”  Dana and I had gone to Texas and spent some time traveling around the landscape of southwest Texas, seeing the cliffs and canyons of a desert landscape.  The dream was on April 5, 1985.

In a big building, a club or institute for global studies.  There are many little models of a sacred city in Tibet.  Important meetings are taking place.  One of these gets out and a lot of people go into the part that has been closed off. It is a large room full of desks and typewriters, with dark green walls.  In the center is an octagonal chamber enclosed by glass and dark green marble walls. It is for a ritual cleansing.  I decide to take a shower. Ann Minor says she needs to take a shower at 11:00, can I do it in time.  I say yes but then realize I haven’t brought my towel.  Some complexity about how to get a towel.  Then  I think I might have a class at 11:00, but decide this is more important.

Some of us are returning from a meeting up at the top of the building.  We are climbing down over precarious book cases.  We discuss the rock of the Tibetan City, was it eroded or carved.  It could have been carved hundreds of years ago and then erosion made it look natural.  While climbing down I notice a small book that has my name on it as author.

Comment:  I’m in an environment where the worldwide sacred civilization is being taken seriously.  The part that has been closed off and the green walls suggest some integration of the unconscious.  I’m not sure about Ann Minor, she was one of the people I hated while in school, she may represent unconscious aspects of myself, ones I think of as “bad.”   The Tibetan City is a wonderful image of the working together of human and nature, and I have made a small contribution to this work.

Took a friend to the hospital.  Watching pictures of fires in California on TV in waiting room.  Made me so sad.  Though I told Elizabeth today that I was feeling like we might make it to an intelligent planet.  Right now is our initiation crisis.  Many many of us will die, mostly the ones dependent on wealth & power, but also many of the poorest living in places that are flooded, burnt, poisoned.  But the ones who are left will know that cooperation is essential to sustainability, that diversity is essential to regenerating the earth, and they will create paradise on this green & blue planet.

Elizabeth talked about watching Greta talk to the UN — how powerful she was — how did a young girl ever get to such a position.  I said the Universe had gently guided her there, the same way it guided me to Stonehenge.

This post is a combination of writings in my journal on Thursday, October 24.  A number of things happened that day that were significant to me.  Things that were messages from the outer world, like emails from Aviva Gold and Richard Rohr, and things that just “occurred to me,” like the dream I had in 1985.  I consider such things not thoughts from my rational intellect, but messages from my deeper self.  Another such message was about  the “Red Woman.”  I will have to address that in another blog post.  I put all these things together and found a new and greater understanding of who I am, and what I am called to do in the world.

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