New Dog?

I am thinking about getting a rescue dog.  He was in a situation where the owner had more dogs than they could care for.  He probably wasn’t let out of his crate very often.  He isn’t house trained and is scared to go outside.  He is very timid and fearful.  My heart goes out to him, but I’m not sure how much work he will be for me.


Dialog with Baby Jenny about getting Damien:

How are you doing?

I’m a little worried and scared.  All your energy is going toward the dog.

That’s true.  I’m sorry.  Let me make the effort to come to you, because I do care about you, and you are number one in my heart.

Better than Lynelle?


better than Beverly?

Yes.  I apologize that I have a long old habit of turning away from you, not wanting to feel your pain, not valuing you as my mother didn’t value me.  But I have learned to value you, and care about you, and I’m glad you’re in my life.  And we have help because Erica loves both of us.  I do love you.  You are creative and generous and loving.  You began to doubt these things because your mother couldn’t receive them, or even trivialized them.  You deserved better than that.

I did?

YES.  And it wasn’t your fault that she treated you that way.  She was an alcoholic, and a narcissist, and probably depressed, and she couldn’t respond to you.  Now you have Erica who responds with enthusiasm.  I know you don’t quite trust her yet, but I do.  I will hold you and keep you safe until you can trust her too.

I think the thing I’m most scared about is I will meet Damien and not want him.  Or I will meet him and just not know.

What do you think Baby Jenny?

I feel more comfortable with Damien because he’s scared.  I know all about being scared.  I think if you got a dog who was big and affectionate, that I’d feel scared that you’d love him better than me.

Thank you, Baby Jenny.  What do you need now?

A cuddle.

So we cuddled for a while with Muffy.

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