Seeing that I am Still Connected

I worked on this blog post on November 6, but didn’t publish it.  Reading it over, I think it expresses very well exactly where I was.

From my journal for Monday, November 1

Headache.  Feeling a little bleak.       — peach colored clouds in a pale blue-green sky, my tree glowing red-orange. my soul is nourished by the color. now a wind shakes the branches and leaves fly —

I had a lot of things to read, but it was all difficult.  The Web of Meaning was in the place where he talks about how well-entrenched the capitalist system is.  Etty is examining herself for faults and trying to encourage better behavior, but I find it hard to get exactly what she’s talking about.  And in April ’93 I was having a bad time with headaches & nausea & lethargy & having trouble with organizing tasks.  I think it’s both systemic yeast & menopause, but it’s not fun.  I went to Kripalu for a week of R&R, & had a bad headache the whole time.  I’m just beginning to see how mercilessly I push myself.

So I had no comforting reading yesterday.  I do find my blog comforting.  Even it it’s about a bad time, that reminds me of what I’m up against, and also I seem to have got past a lot.  Or healed a lot.  I haven’t felt afraid in a very long time.  Most of my discouragement has to do with the damage to the earth, and some of it with no community of like-minded souls.  But I realize that I do trust that the world I love is held in compassion by a larger cosmos.  It is painful that I have no community who “get” what I offer, but I don’t see that as being because I don’t have anything worthwhile to offer.  It’s because Western culture is so badly off center.  I am wounded, yes, but so are most people, and unlike most of them, I have worked to heal my wound.  And I do believe that is a positive contribution to the human energy field.

3rd cup. coffee.      When I sat down to breakfast I realized I had started to read Enduring Lives.  It was in the pile of books and I knew it would help.  In the introduction is the quote about the medieval world view, that there is an invisible realm that interpenetrates the visible.  This morning I started reading what she has to say about Etty and she understood much better than I did what’s going on with her.

When I went out with Mocha it was incredibly beautiful outside.  Sunny, breezy, not too cold.  Wonderful colors, the oaks up by the road have gone their amazing brownish red.  I had an odd double feeling: almost joy in the colors & the breeze and sorrow in the knowing how fragile and fleeting it is.  Something that I felt when I knew Bella was dying.

What’s really strange is that even this recent difficult time has not broken my connection to the wider, more inclusive, participatory, sacred cosmos.  I can still feel it there, under everything, like the floor that caught my pieces after starting S.E., like the “goodness beyond goodness.  I thought that if I got to this stage I would be happy all the time, but there’s still a slightly scary unfamiliarity.  I think it’s because I’m breaking all those old family rules — Thou shalt not think thyself so great, Thou shalt constantly push thyself to prove thee deserves to live, Thou shalt do everything right, etc.

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