From 1988: Fantasy? Prophesy?

When I read this in my journal, as we struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, I wonder How did I know?  Even the association of failure to honor the Earth Spirits causing climate disruption.  This is the shaman I was designed to be but never got there.  Didn’t believe that my ideas for “science fiction” might refer to some reality.  At the time I was suffering from the noise of airplanes.  The building referred to is the house I built with my husband when we were still married, not Neskaya, which hadn’t even been thought of yet.

But I do sometimes think that, far in the future, the roof of Neskaya will still be standing.  People who come will know the space is sacred, and maybe even the area of the Notch will be sacred again.

from my journal for August 3, 1988

I had an idea for a book I might write using these journals.  I could pretend to be an historian of the future, commenting on these journals which record the troublesome and fascinating twentieth century, from the time just before the great plagues that killed off half the population and left the rest with new psychic capacities and sensitivities.  The books would have been found buried near one of the few buildings left standing after the earthquakes closed Franconia Notch, a building that had become a shrine for pilgrims because it had clearly been built using geomantic principles.  “The author was one of those burdened with awareness that would become common fifty years later.  When most of the population began to suffer from the noise of machines, the kinds of machinery we use were changed radically to the sort of quiet, unobtrusive servants we all use today.  Now of course we know that the Franconia Notch area is a very sacred place, the abode of nature spirits, and people only enter it on foot at certain times of year for periods of retreat and ceremonies.  The abuse of such sacred places is one of the reasons why the climate was so bad at the end of the twentieth century.”  And so on.

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