Quote from the fundraising page for a documentary being made by Shannon Kring.
As you can see, they have already got the amount they asked for.

“It’s very simple. We have to have water for life. And so we’re petitioning the world community to join our campaign. Every effort we make is for all of our children and grandchildren. We make a commitment to continue the struggle, and to make every effort for all of us.”        – A woman of Standing Rock

The women of Standing Rock do not call themselves protestors. They are protectors. In interview after interview, they explain that their fight is for the greater good. Standing Rock is their home, but Mother Earth is home to us all.

Since the women of Standing Rock began their peaceful protest on April 1, 2016, pipeline spills in the U.S. alone have dumped 244,900 gallons of crude oil and tar sands, and 384,300 gallons of diesel fuel and gasoline.

Last year, there were 132 major spills. That’s approximately one every three days.

Human rights, land rights, and environmental justice concern us all.

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