AA and Emmet Fox

I’ve just been typing up from my journal the days around Christmas that I spent with my brother Jack in Camden.  Jack is a recovering alcoholic, and I’ve been so inspired by how much he has changed, that I’ve been willing to take whatever I could find that will help me.

Went to an AA meeting with Jack.  I really liked the realness of people.  I said to Jack that it was better than the Al-Anon meeting in Littleton.  He said that was because the alcoholics had been in so much pain.  That made sense to me.  He talked about Emmet Fox and the 7-day diet.  Think more about 3 things you want to have more of in your life, and think less about things you want less of.  See what happens in seven days.  This reminded me of DMA, and subconscious always says “yes.”  I have been working recently on not going down the negative spiral of thought.  It’s not thoughts about me, it’s thoughts about the world.  I really want to change that.  I want more 1) good friends who know what my life is like 2) dancing and singing 3) good food.  I want less thoughts about how bad the economy is, the awful things people are doing to the environment, and anger about greedy rich people.

Jack gave me the basic structure of this prayer.  I’ve found it extraordinarily useful.  “Please remove my fear and redirect my attention to what you would have me be and do.”

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