(Written in July 2004)
Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling pretty miserable.  Sad and scared and blocked in several directions.  My heart aches.  There’s no place I feel safe.  I’ve tried to bring compassion to myself without success.  Please help me.
Dear Jenny, relax.  Remember when you were at Findhorn singing the Peace Mandala in the Great Hall, and how you felt that it was the whole world.  There is a deep truth here.  There is a lot more good in the world than you are normally aware of, and you are very firmly connected to it.  It is hard for you to feel the connections because you are not often actively involved with people who are working for a sustainable world.  Remember your connections to Findhorn, and the Ocean of Compassion, remember Ocean Arks and Commonway, and the Circle Dance Community.  There, there dear, we are sorry it’s being so hard right now.  You will get through this, you’ve come through much worse.  Do spend the day with escapist reading, typing guidance, work on the Hope booklet.  Everything else can wait.  You must take care of yourself now.  We are with you and we support you.

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