I was talking to a friend about a workshop in “Soul Collage” and it reminded me of some collages I’d done a long time ago.  I found the book, I think these were done in 1991.  What’s amazing to me now is how accurately they picture PTSD in infancy.  They are an attempt to do a creative journal exercise called “My inner and outer self.”  The first one shows a bland outer self with horrors inside:

The second one is another attempt:

This one is the third:

Under the soldier it says: Omigosh I’ve gotta stop it.  It’s just too dangerous, it can get out of hand while its still small.  Better squash it before it gets any bigger.  We don’t want anybody around here who can’t take care of themselves.  We don’t want anybody who will be a drain on our dwindling resources.  Shut up kid.  You better grow up fast, or else we’ll leave you to DIE

Under the baby it says:please help me I can’t take care of myself  I need food & water and loving hugs.  Please tell me you’re glad I’m alive   Please help me     Please help me   or else I’ll           DIE

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