Navigating the Realms

I posted the Story of Persephone because it is such a beautiful description of the two worlds I navigate on a regular basis.  Except that for me the dark realm is most often painful and confusing, with times of depression, terror, and despair, and the light realm can be piercingly beautiful, but too often it reminds me of all the beings that are suffering.

I’ve had a number of names for the dark realm: Symbolic World, Heraldic World, Invisible World, Imaginal Realm, Shamanic Realm.  In the post where I talk about them, I quote Carol Lee Flinders:

Inherently “more real” than everyday reality, this noncorporeal world has always been thought to surround and sustain it and to percolate up into it at regular intervals, visible and audible for those who are attuned to its presence.
Carol Lee Flinders, Enduring Grace, p 84

I say about my experience:

I knew, without being able to articulate it, that the symbolic realm was no colorless abstraction of Platonic Ideals, no far off heaven somewhere up there, that this realm was colorful, magical, mysterious, and contained the true beings of the trees and birds and streams I loved. 

I talk about my struggle as I travel back and forth in a post about Ereshkigal:

Ereshkigal says to me: The reward is great depth of perception, great power in expressing what you see, and the glorious moments of bringing through a truth from the shamanic world.    The price is self-doubt, and conflict, a struggle to keep your balance among the great spinning wheels, constant effort to see truly, rejection of easy answers.  The reward is the satisfaction of encountering truth: bone-hard, bone-deep.

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