Circle Dance Resource

In Somatic Experiencing, A “resource” is anything that gives you a sense of being more centered, relaxed, stronger, even just a little better than you already feel.  It’s a home place to return while you work with the activation of the trauma.

(Written in April 2005)
I spent some time at Neskaya with Amy, helping her with dances and music.  We had a lot of fun.  I opened the data base & generated a list of #1 level dances.  We made her a CD of new (clean) versions of music she already has, and 2 CDs of new music that we chose by going down the list of 1’s and picking.  I showed her most, maybe all of them — we put some on the Cd as time was running out and then I showed her the dances after regular dance was over at 8PM.  I was very glad to have that work to do with Amy because it restored me to some sense of joy & validation of what I do.  My energy & enthusiasm came back with a rush, and I’m happy about that.  There were times last week when it felt like all joy and meaning had drained out of circle dance as my vocation.
In Somatic Experiencing work with Brad that experience with Amy became a resource — which was felt as warmth, strength, and a kind of steel pole as a core that – what? it doesn’t really hold me – it stiffens and strengthens me — reminded me of doing the peace vigil by myself and how strong I felt.  And the other resource was the “World of Diversity” — my vision of the planet that gives me strength to go on.

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