World of Diversity

(Written over 2003 – 2005)
In the spring of 2003, I went to NEFFA, the New England Folk Festival that’s held in Natick High School in Natick, Mass.  I fell in love with a Peruvian tapestry.  It was about 12” by 18” and was dense with embroidery and applique.  It showed dancers around a tree with colorful ribbons coming from the top of the tree, there were musicians, people serving food and drink, even a woman in a cabbage patch in the background.  It was expensive, but it should have been, given the amount of work in it.  So I bought it and brought it home.

I was sorry that it was rectangular, so I thought I would try making a circular background, maybe about 2 or 3 feet across. I had some circles of fabric that I use for centerpieces, and tried the different sizes.  What became clear was that the tapestry demanded a LARGE background. The final version was a 6’ circle made to look like the planet in blue & green, with North & South America, part of Africa and Europe.
The project took a long time, and there were several steps along the way.

Dear Guides & Guardians, please help me get in touch with my deep intuition and deep intention.
Dear Jenny, relax.  There is a spring of joy at the heart of the Divine that springs forth in creativity, abundance, diversity: stars, planets, minerals, trees, whales, caterpillars, song, dance, and costume.  Your heart is a fountain open at the bottom to this Source.  Let yourself feel the spring rising and overflowing.  Rest in this place.

This interchange was based on a technique they taught us in Somatic Experiencing, finding a resource that’s opposite to the image of activation.
Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling pretty bleak again this morning.  Please help me.
Dear Jenny, breathe.  Relax.  You’re doing fine.  What is the opposite of bleak?
First image — sun blazing brightly on a frozen landscape.  But that’s bleak too.  Second image — the South American tapestry of the village scene, colorful and 3 dimensional.  A tree with streamers, a circle of dancers, boxes of produce — this is the earth in all its glorious diversity.  This is the vision of Planet Earth that I hold in my heart.
Dear Jenny, by holding that vision you are doing good work for the planet you love.
Thank you.

Bleak, tired, hard to get up.  The only thing that made it possible was thinking about the background I want to make for the Peruvian village tapestry.  I bought solid colors at Cut & Sew yesterday.  I still need something for a background — I think of a foamcore circle.

Once I had put the fabric on the foamcore circle, and attached the Peruvian tapestry in South America, I made a lot of little animals and fish and plants out of Sculpey.  It’s a polymer clay that comes in bright colors and can be fired hard at ordinary oven temperatures.  Then I sewed them in place.

A Great Beltane Celebration!  I finished the World of Diversity and hung it on the east wall where it looks beautiful.  Made a small centerpiece with Gaia and a couple of scarves.  I put up the maypole during break, gave minimal instructions, we had a great time — it looked BEAUTIFUL.  We did “Life Gods” to finish.

Last night was so SATISFYING!  I feel warm & strong and centered and grounded.

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