Hope Again

I am beginning to have hope for humans and for our planet for the first time since Thump was elected.  I’ve been in a place of despair about whether my beloved planet would even survive.  It looked like we were on our way to killing her.  This book has given me hope that we can survive and even thrive.  There are groups of people all over the planet who are exploring the idea of sustainability through cooperation, and many actual examples of that sort are actually in operation.

From Daniel Wahl, Designing Regenerative Cultures:  p195

“What is being called into question here is not the overall process of biological evolution, but whether competition for scarce resources rather than symbiotic networks in which life creates conditions conducive to life are the main drivers of speciation and evolution of life as an interconnected process.  New insights in biology, neuroscience, and evolutionary theory are offering a perspective that helps us to retell the story about who we are as biophysical beings.

“Truly understanding ourselves individually and collectively as ‘being in and through relationships’ is the conceptual/perceptual meta-design shift that underlies the cultural transformation that is under way.  We are transforming a globalized but fragmented humanity based on the narrative of separation and competition into globally cooperative networks of locally adapted cultures sharing a unified narrative of interbeing.”

Wahl’s speech at Findhorn

Wolves restored to Yellowstone  

The Enormous Regenerative Power of Mother Earth

The Enormous Regenerative Power of Mother Earth

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