Precious Petunia Pumpkin Muffin

AKA Bella, Bella Bellissima Padme Hum, Punkledunchkin, You Wretch.  My sweet companion of the last 10 years has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, where she can be seen cavorting happily.



The best description of her occurs in Zajko Kokorajko, the music for a dance called Arap. The name of the music is “The Rabbit’s Wedding.”  The rabbit’s bride is Widow Fox:

a flowery bouquet,
a spoiled pet,
a well-known fussy eater,
an avoider of work,
The village fussbudget!

I miss her dreadfully and at the same time I can feel her liberated spirit wiggling in joy, and the love she has for me and the love I have for her are all around me, and in my heart.

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5 Responses to Precious Petunia Pumpkin Muffin

  1. Cory Thurston says:

    What you say is absolutely true. You both were a gift to one another. My heart is sad for you. But I am so thrilled that she is free. Bella say HI! to all of mine whenever you are!!!

  2. Julia Penistan says:

    Congratulations, Jenny. Having had quite a number of animal and people transitions this last year, my advice (not that you need it) is to stay in the ethereal joy and maintain the courage and the pain to cry your eyes out while your aura gets used to the shift. Have you read Merle’s Door? If not, it may help, especially the last chapter – but don’t cheat and even glimpse at it ahead of time!

    Interestingly enough, this week two of my companions, Hani and Pixie, long gone from their bodies, have reminded me of their presence through the almost identical bodies and personalities of two newly-met wonders who live with other people. So… no despairing!

    Hugs and gasho and Ajde Jano!

  3. Bobbi says:

    Sending love and hugs your way –
    I love the lyrical chanting sound of all your pet names for her

  4. Linda says:

    Jenny- I am so sorry. Your grief is one I can identify with-my aunt, who passed in May, was more of a mother to me than even my own-but had suffered terribly her whole life-I laughed and cried at time when she passed-sad for me, but happy for her passing because I knew her suffering had finally ended. I hope you will find comfort in your memories with her-I send you my love and Blessings-

  5. Michael, Tai, Teeka, Takoda, Tatoutsi Summers-McGuinness says:

    Dear Jenny-We are so sad to learn of Sweet Bella’s passing into spirit. A candle burns brightly to encourage her beautiful soul to run toward the glorious light. Another candle burns strongly for you that you may know support and love during this time of deep sorrow. Our tears flow that you may know you are not alone and our voices rise in song that you may know that you are loved and our dancing bodies hold you more closely and dearly within our circle of circles of circles. Bella was incredibly special and rare and a very old soul and so devoted to you. We carry you both in our thoughts and within our souls. We will include you and Bella in our circle on September 29. Peace be to your gentle soul Bella. All our Love, Michael, Tai, Teeka, Takoda, & Tatoutsi Summers-McGuinness

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