(Written in April 2011)
It’s so amazing.  I’ve been happy for the last three days.  Despite the cold.  I’ve been really enjoying the beauty around me.  It’s so solid.  I feel like I’ve crossed a threshold.  My calling is just to be present and bring compassion.  There isn’t anything more that I “should” do.  I feel like I’ve been climbing an endless cliff my whole life, with the occasional ledge to rest on, but now I’m out on top, there’s a whole new landscape, and I can walk easily.
I’ve been hearing choral music in my mind.  America the Beautiful, and other stirring hymns or marches.  I’m amused by it.  And I enjoyed the usual music when I was at Cory’s for massage.  I usually don’t like it.  Yesterday I kept imagining flowing water.
So amazing to feel like this!  Will it continue?  I don’t know.  It doesn’t feel precarious, but it does feel fluid, loose, likely to change.
And I know things are not good in the world.  The Japanese nuclear meltdown is not yet contained and clouds of radioactive fallout are headed our way.  In this country the stupidity and narrow-mindedness of the “Tea Party” Republicans is beyond belief.  They seem to think they are above the law.  Well, since they have bought the judges, in a sense they are.  But yesterday Progressives managed to defeat the Governor’s choice for Supreme Court in Wisconsin.  The victory was achieved by thousand of volunteers making 96,945 phone calls.


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