Need Cheering Up?

One thing I do, after I’ve called friends only to talk to their machines, is nourish my sense of humor with my favorite YouTube videos.

There’s Paul Hawken’s speech to the Bioneers in 2006? was it?

There’s Marianne Williamson on the Occupy movement.  It takes an hour but it’s an hour well spent.  The first time I saw it I watched in 10 and 20 minute bursts.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it, I can quote whole sections of it.  I went out and bought her book, Healing the Soul of America, and it’s wonderful and painful at the same time.  We’ve almost let our democracy die for lack of paying attention.

Then there’s the Eskimo village of Quinhagak doing the Halleluia Chorus.  Some people have complained that we took away their native spirituality and forced them to become Christian, but I think this village has plenty of Spirit, and shows it in their joyful performance, hilarious and sacred at the same time.

Equally hilarious and sacred is Matt Harding’s (where the hell is Matt?) fabulous video of people all around the world doing a silly dance. The song is in a foreign language, the title is “The Gratitude Dance” and it so beautifully demonstrates that we all are one.  Of course I had to watch it again, and I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes and a big smile.  People are all the same, all around the planet, we all dance joyfully the same way.  The many differences in clothing and landscape just make it richer.

OOPS!  got the link wrong!  it’s OK now!

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