Genesis II

(Written in November 2008)
Yesterday evening I kept reading Fox & Sheldrake (Natural Grace) and was reconnected with a wonderful vision of the shamanic realm: overlapping morphogenetic fields, overlapping souls, all of us intricately interconnected.  There was a discussion of ritual and liturgy — that one of the jobs of ritual is to reconnect us with our beginnings, and of liturgy to educate us, so I’ve just been off on a great riff of telling the story of the beginning of the universe…

“In the beginning there was hydrogen.  And the hydrogen was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  Magnetic fields created sheets and ribbons and clumps of hydrogen.  In the clumps hydrogen began to condense under gravitational attraction. As the clump became more dense, the inner temperature rose. When the temperature reached 1,000,000° absolute, nuclear processes began.  Proton merged with proton to form helium, with the release of energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation of very short wavelength.  Once energy began to be produced in the interior, the sphere of gas stabilized.  For about a million years, the radiation from the hydrogen fusion wound its way outward, being absorbed and re-emitted by the layers of hydrogen until it reached the surface.  What was now a star began to shine with electromagnetic radiation of all wavelengths from unbelievably tiny gamma and x-rays to meter and kilometer long radio waves.  In the middle of this spectrum is radiation measuring 3,900 to 7,700 angstroms.  And there was light.  And it was evening and it was morning, the first day.”

(Written today)
Inspired by a sentence in an astronomy textbook which literally said “In the begining there was hydrogen…” I rewrote Genesis.  I was in Davis, California, at the University, in April of 1970.  I had just been released from the health center after my first nervous breakdown, my system was still full of Mellaril, a powerful tranquillizer, I was still trying to go to classes. I wrote my first version of “Genesis II”.  It was April 22, the first Earth Day, and I was wandering around the campus feeling lost.  On the green I saw a geodesic dome, with an empty table inside.  I left my first version of Genesis II, handwritten on a piece of lined paper torn from a spiral notebook, as an offering.

The knowledge behind it is what I learned at Wellesley in the early 60’s.  At that time the “big bang” was considered one possible cosmology, and didn’t have the aura of “proven concept” that it does now.  I’ve used concepts that come from the “plasma theory” of the beginning because I like it better.  (It’s also true that “big bang” type cosmologies are created in authoritarian cultures, and “steady state” cosmologies are created by cultures that are going through some kind of Renaissance.) I think most of what I’ve said here could be substantiated by recent science.  Many years later I read somewhere that in indigenous cultures, when an individual or a tribe was recovering from some big disaster, they rewrote the beginning of the world as the end of their ritual of healing.

For plasma cosmology see “The Big Bang Never Happened” by Eric Lerner

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