Hatred will not cease by hatred..

… hatred will only cease by love.  This is an eternal law.        Buddha

I have been very upset by all the people and organizations that I support who are  attacking Trump.  I think this is wasted effort, and it only entrenches Trump voters.

What I would like to see happen:  first of all Van Jones is producing a series called the “Messy Truth.”  (You need to scroll down to the “messy truth.”)  He makes it so clear that what we need is dialogue.  Staying on our own side of the division just makes everything worse and is not democracy.  The system in our country now is not democracy.  It has been an oligarchy — rule by the wealthy — for a long time.  Van Jones says that both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have failed the working class, that they made big mistakes and need to correct them.  He interviews an Ohio family who voted Democratic for years, voted for Obama twice, then voted for Trump.  Their reasons make perfect sense.  Thinking they are “stupid” is a big mistake.

We would do much better to focus on Bernie’s vision for our country.  My notes are not exact so I have given the link to the relevant speech here.  Bernie says that we can create a democracy that works for all of us, not just the 1%,
we can guarantee health care to all people as a right,
we can have paid family and medical leave,
we can make public colleges and universities tuition free,
we can lead the world in transforming our energy system and combatting climate change,
we can break up the large financial institutions,
we can demand that the wealthy start paying their fair share of taxes.

That will happen when millions of us stand together and create a government that works for all.

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