Vision for the Planet

I created this vision back in March, when I was very discouraged about the state of the world.  My understanding of how to manifest a vision came from Robert Fritz.  If you hold the vision, and hold a clear picture of the present, without getting caught up in strategies to reach the goal, the vision will move into reality.

1) The earth is healthy, with clean water, clean air, and resources being used responsibly and sustainably.
2) People revere the earth and care for it appropriately.
3) People in public office are intelligent & compassionate and have high moral standards and are willing to work for peace and justice for everybody.
4) People who are disabled, sick, poor, having a hard time, can find appropriate, knowledgeable and compassionate help.
5) People know how to work together co-operatively, and everyone gets to do work that they really care about.
6) Schools are fun, learning is self directed, children spend a lot of time in nature.  Making sure that kids grow up healthy and happy is the highest priority for everyone.

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